Whether you're new to woodcarving, been carving for a few years, or have been carving so long that you don't remember when you started... Odds are that you'd like to improve your carving. Or maybe you'd just like to try a different type of carving. For instance you've been carving animal figures for awhile and you think chip carving looks interesting, but wouldn't know where to begin.

In both cases, a carving class just may be your ticket. Carving classes are a great way to get exposed to, and try different types of carving. Whether it be caricatures, relief, whimsical, birds, chip, acanthus, or fish carving. And not only will attending a class help you learn a new style and pick up some tips and tricks for carving, you will probably make some new aquaintances who are equally interested in carving.

If you might be interested a carving class, please check out both the Local classes and the Regional classes listed here on the Knotty Carvers under Education. Our carving club tries to bring instructors to Duluth and offer classes two or three times a year. Those classes will be listed under the Local Classes. Where as the Regional Classes are carving get-togethers offered here in the upper Midwest. And are usually annual events.