Knotty Minutes

Knotty Carvers of the North

February 1, 2020 meeting minutes

The meeting was called to order at 09:00 by Roger Morrison in the absence of President Barb Hokanson. Roger welcomed members to the second meeting of 2020. New guest from The Beginners class Jill was present.

A greeting/Sunshine card for Lois Pitzele was signed by members and Barb McDaniel delivered it to Lois at the Villa Mariana Rehab Center in Superior.

Attendance: 29

Show table: Approximately 10 members presented items for show and tell. Norbert Kearns "Bear on a log" was photographed by Sandy for use on our web page.

Treasurer's report: Figures from Decembers report were used in lieu of a new report.

Committee Report - Nancy Broson scholarship, Sandy Skrien and Barb McDaniel will meet and discuss parameter suggestions.

Old Business: Classes/Shows:

Metro Woodcarvers show at Northtown Mall is March 14 & 15.

Rochester Carving show is at fairgrounds on March 21 & 22.

Club related classes:

February: Bill Ness chip carving class at the PACC is scheduled for February 14 & 15 with two openings left. Scheduled hours are 9-4 on Friday and 9-3 on Saturday. Doors open at 08:00 with Friday's class in the tiled half of the large room and Saturday's class in the game room due to other activities sharing the room. Class cost is $35 per day ($30 to Bill and $5 for room rental). Bill has a list of our requested projects which are at an additional cost. A chip carving knife is needed, Bill will have some available. A compass and ruler would also be helpful. A pot luck list for food is available.

March 7: John Kranz, our wood guy, will present a 1 hour 15 minute presentation entitled "Carving Wood, a look at the process from three to your carving project."

There is a woodburning class thru Duluth Community Ed. (218-336-8760) x1 on March 18 & 25 from 6-8 pm. At Ordean Junior High in Duluth. Cost is $25. Kathy Ide plans to attend and check if the instructor will do a class for the club.

April : Class or demo pending, by Bill and Jack for a repeat of the Dremel demo.

May 2: Bob Buchanan will have a maple or oak leaf class during our meeting.

New Business:

Wood Week - North House Folk School; 1 week class.

Carr hobby - Closing - 1/2 price for carving tools

Reminder; sign up sheet for treats for March.

Motion to adjourn meeting at 09:10 by John Paul